Floating Beach Pool Wine Glass – BPA Free Acrylic Glass – Holds 350ml

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Product Description

Floating Beach Pool Wine Glass – BPA Free Acrylic Glass – Holds 350ml

Measurement(s): 26 cms tall / Mouth of glass is 7 cms diameter / Widest point of bowl is 9 cms diameter
Volume: A little over 350 mls
Material: BPA-free acrylic
Care instructions: Dishwasher safe
Colour(s) available: Crystal Clear, Cerulean Seas, Indigo Skies, Red Rum, Jasmine Coast, Mellow Yellow, Ocean Blue, Purple Haze, Pink Sunset, Sea Green, Teal Tides, West Coast Orange, White Sand.

This Wine Glass Will Change the Way You Day Drink This Summer.
When you go to the beach, there isn’t an easy way to enjoy your adult beverage without the glass tipping over.
This invention addresses the problem with a spiked base that sticks into the sand. They are made of acrylic glass and also float in water, so you can never be without your wine (or other fun adult beverage) when you need to cool off over at the pool.
The only thing that would make this better would be covers on the top so sand doesn’t blow into your delicious wine.

This wine glass is distributed by MDI. MDI is a specialist developer and distributor of gifts, toys and homewares based in Brisbane, Australia. They partner with international brands to bring their products to Australian shores, tailor existing products to better suit the Australian market and develop products from scratch for Australia and for global export. They deliver the best and latest gift products to retail shelves in Australia and around the world.

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